The financial services industry across the globe is undergoing strategic transformation as the focus shifts from short term profitability to long term success. The sustainability challenge i.e. embedding environmental, social, economic and financial aspects in the organisation’s DNA is now increasingly recognised as the most critical success factor for the financial institutions world-wide. In these times of historic change, when the increasing regulations, growing competitive pressures, widespread digitisation, volatile market conditions and rising environmental and social concerns are reshaping financial industry’s landscape across the continents, there is undoubtedly a need for stakeholders to come together and jointly address the sustainability challenge.


The overall objective of the Global Sustainable Finance Conference is to contribute in sustainability transformation of the financial services industry and discuss its role in implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The conference provides an international forum to key stakeholders from across the world for sharing knowledge and experiences and for working together for a strong, fair, safe and resilient financial services sector that works in harmony with the natural environment.

The conference aims to address the following issues:

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ratified by the UN member states on September 25, 2015

The implications of the SDGs on the financial industry

Mainstreaming Climate Action within Financial Institutions

Creating Shared Value│ Financing and Investing for a Sustainable Future

  • Innovations in financing for large scale projects

  • Innovations in SME finance

  • Innovations in microfinance, financial inclusion and rural finance

  • Financing and investing for transitioning to a green economy

As a platform where stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and from all over the world get together, the conference also aims to serve as a truly global, productive and proactive forum to:

discuss current issues impacting the financial services sector;

examine effective strategies and practices to embed sustainability in the organizational culture of banks and other financial intermediaries;

deliberate the role of financial institutions in building sustainable communities;

share knowledge and experiences and discuss new ideas with practitioners, peers and other stakeholders and get feedback;

identify new business opportunities in emerging green industries such as in the fields of sustainable energy, green real-estate, sustainable infrastructure and initiatives that contribute in our transformation to a sustainable economy;

showcase sustainable project financing and present initiatives for Sustainable and Responsible Financing and Investments; and

provide networking opportunities with like-minded people from around the world for exploring cooperation and building synergies.

The delegates will also have an opportunity to visit green energy and infrastructure projects and the smarter city initiative of Karlsruhe. An optional excursion to Black Forest National Park which is a protected area by the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, Germany will also be organized. This excursion is of particular relevance since the UN Agenda 2030 - which includes targets for nature conservation - is an integral part of the conference proceedings. The visit to national park will also be an opportunity for informal networking with peers and experts while experiencing majestic views over the Rhine Valley and the hills of Black Forest.

For downloading the draft program outline, please click here.

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The Paradigm Shift
A New Mindset│ » From short term profit orientation to long term success

From Corporate Philanthropy to Business Case
Future Proofing │» Securing future market position by cutting costs and environmental footprint, reducing risks, responding to the changing market demands and benefiting from the emergence of the low carbon and green economy


The conference offers a major opportunity to explore innovations in financing and investing in the fields of sustainable infrastructure, clean energy, green real-estate projects, eco-mobility, organic farming and in other fields that help advance our transition to a low carbon economy

Share and Network

Showcase projects that accelerate our transition to sustainable economy

Present strategies to embed sustainability in finance and investments

Get feedback from practitioners and experts on your green initiatives

Network with peers and other stakeholders and build global partnerships

This global forum was launched in 2011 by European Organisation for Sustainable Development and the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia & the Pacific in cooperation with the City of Karlsruhe under the auspices of the World Federation of Development Finance Institutions and was endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme - Financial Institutions (UNEP FI).